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Corey Pryor
former member:
Corey Pryor
purpose, position:
keyboards, samples

  • full name: Corey Pryor
  • nicknames in the band: Ratboy, Ratty
  • hometown: Adeliade, South Australia, Australien
  • parents: father: Bill Pryor / mother: Pat Pryor
  • brother/sister: 3 sisters - Felicity, Esther, Naomi
  • married to: Danielle (origin: USA - Grand Forks, North Dakota; former Christian solo singer, later she formed the band "SoZo" with Corey)
  • schools: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia;
    Palm Beach Currimbin High School
  • hobbies: Paint-ball; kites, playing with electronic things, loving his wife
  • favourite colour: navy blue
  • musical influences: Pet Shop Boys, Jean Michel Jarre, the group
    David, Howard Jones; remixes
  • song contributions: co-author of the song "upon this rock" and all songs on the "Boys Will Be Boyz" album
  • on there: on 2 CD albums & one video
  • got to join the band: joined the Newsboys after the "Hell Is For Wimps" album (1990) as a keyboardist
  • got to left the band: he left in early 1993 - he wanted to go his own ways in/with music; met with Danielle and found his own dance band with her called "SoZo"
  • band after the Newsboys: SoZo (broke up in 1997/98 - what he is doing now is still unknown...)

Danielle Pryorinfo on his wife Danielle:

  • full name: Danielle Pryor (born: Danielle Julison)
  • hometown: Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA
  • schools: Victory Christian Academy, Grand Forks, ND. Christ For The Nations, Dallas, TX. University of North Dakota, music major. Certificate of Bible Learning from Victory Bible School
  • parents: Edward and Renee Julison.
    brothers/sisters: 2 brothers - Ryan and Aaron
  • hobbies: Gymnastics, figure skating, running, racquetball, and step aerobics
  • favourite colour: Red
  • musical influences: Olivia Newton, John, Evie Tourniquist, Amy Grant and
    Whitney Houston.
  • before SoZo: Christian solo singer

biography for his own band SoZo, from the label N*Soul Records:

»It is more than one of those twists of fate that brought two people from opposite sides of the globe together in marriage and in a music ministry. The pop band SOZO consists of former Newsboys keyboardist Corey Pryor and solo performer, Danielle. Their debut release, "Purity," on N*Soul Records displays a Euro-pop/dance style and a potent message of living pure by the grace of God.

"In the 90's, teens have a lot of temptations that are thrown their way. Our desire is to demonstrate to young people everywhere just how powerful a life with Jesus Christ can be," Danielle explained. The aspiration to spread the Gospel came at an early age for the talented couple as both Danielle and Corey are preacher's kids. Corey, a native of south Australia, grew up under the supervision of a father who was a pastor. He began to play the keyboards at the age of 13, and at the age of 18, became a member of the Newsboys. Although the initial request to join the Newsboys United States tour was denied by my Mom, I toured with the group for three and a half years, Corey said. While Corey was busy performing with the Newsboys, Danielle was on stage singing in another part of the world. Growing up in Grand Forks, North Dakota, Danielle's dream was to become a singer. I sang to my teacher and principal when I was four years old, she said. I traveled and performed with youth groups, my goal always was to be on a record label. I know now that God was preparing me. Danielle and her mother, who became a Christian upon reading a Gospel track, prayed for her father daily for two years. Their prayer and Bible studies in the basement made an impact. Not long after her father accepted Christ, the family moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma and there her father became a pastor. Danielle made her first solo appearance before 400 people at the age of seven. She launched her music career when she was 17, recording the album, Transformation, and sharing the stage with such artists as Phil Driscoll, Reba Rambo, and Donny McGuire.

The husband and wife band works together in music, ministry, and life. We work together as a team, Danielle explained.
Instead of fighting, we communicate by trying to understand each other's point of view. Corey and Danielle's relationship with each other transcends the theme of their debut release, "Purity." As Christians we are called to live a pure life before God in every way, Corey said. We want kids to know that they can live a pure life through Jesus Christ. With music that both encourages and exhorts, SOZO's "Purity" provides a refreshing light in a dark world. There are many ways for this generation to be snared by Satan's power and we will use the gifts God has given us to reach a world in need with the Gospel in these last days, Corey said.«

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