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Jeff Frankenstein
band member:
Jeff Frankenstein
purpose, position:
keyboards & "maniac dancer"

  • full name: Jeffery Ryan Frankenstein
  • birthday: June 26, 1974
  • birthplace: Sterling Heights (Detroit), Michigan, USA
  • from: Sterling Heights (Detroit), Michigan, USA
  • now living in: Franklin, TN, USA
  • known as: Jeff, Oinch
  • marital status: married Jennifer "Jeni" Good on December 16, 2000
  • children: none yet
  • position: keyboards
  • Newsboy since: 1994
  • song credits: "Step Up To The Microphone", "Deep End", "Hallelujah", "Let It Go", "Love Liberty Disco"; "Satellite" (Jody Davis); "I Love Your Ways"; "The Orphan"; "Landslide Of Love"
  • known for: his dancing; being the youngest member
  • first job/unusual job: Gardener, steelworker, busboy
  • biggest influence: his father
  • special info: thinks he's a terrible singer
  • role models: grandfather and father


  • bible character: David


  • never goes anywhere without a cell phone

special info:

  • like Phil he was adopted
  • arranged the strings on the "Love Liberty Disco" album (1999)

teenage years:

  • Went to high school in Troy and started college at Wayne State in Detroit.
  • Started playing piano at the wee age of 5, even though he thought it was a nerdy thing to do.

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