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Kevin Mills
former member:
Kevin Mills
purpose, position:
bass guitar

  • full name: Kevin Mills
  • birthday: March 7, 1968
  • birthplace: Louisville, KY, USA
  • day of death: December 3, 2000 (traffic accident), in Hollywood, CA, USA (he was riding his motorcycle in Hollywood, crashed into a truck, and died of head wounds at the local hospital) - he was only 32 when he died...
  • origin: USA
  • marriage: former married but he got divorced sometime in 1997
  • children: none
  • was known for: being a really likeable guy - was always very gracious
    in most-times cut-throat biz
  • left behind many friends in the music industry
  • Newsboy since/until: October of 1992 until the end of 1994 / or beginning of 1995 (?)
  • Newsboys song contributions: none
  • on there: on one CD album & video
  • got to join the band: he was the successor of longtime bass guitar player Sean Taylor
  • got to left the band: he became the road manager for the Christian rock group Whiteheart
  • band before the Newsboys: Noisy Little Sunbeams (opened five dates for the Newsboys in 1992/93)
  • band after the Newsboys: Whiteheart (road manager for the band after he left Newsboys, he then left Whiteheart but returned back as the new bass player, member of the live band and as a somewhat "special contributor" for the band, it seems that he was the road manager then until the years 1996/97)
  • Kevin also was a member of the 'Screen Actors Guild' and appeared on TV in "An Inconvenient Woman" in 1991.
  • he later pursued an actor career in Hollywood
  • He died to all our surprise in a traffic accident in Hollywood on the 3rd December of 2000 when he was on the road with his motor bicycle... - read an newspaper article about it...
  • Newsboys singer Peter Furley has released a statement regarding the death of former Newsboys bassist Kevin Mills: »We are deeply saddened by the loss of Kevin Mills,« said the statement (released on Friday Dec. 15, 2000). »He was a vital part of the Newsboys' history and remained a close friend. Our hearts pour out to his family and are prayers are with them. He will be deeply missed.«
  • read an interesting article by Charlie Peacock-Ashworth entitled "Coda" about some experiences he had with Kevin

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