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Phil Joel

former member:
Phil Joel
purpose, position:
bass guitar, lead vocals, songwriter

  • full name: Phil Joel Urry
  • birthday: January 5, 1973
  • birthplace: Auckland, New Zealand
  • from: Aukland, New Zealand
  • known as: Phil Joel; Phil
  • married to: Heather in February of '96 (she once was co-host of "All Access" on CMT and then obviously host of "Hit Trip" on ?; now she hosts "Street Week" on Musicforce.com; she sings background on "together" on Phil's solo debut...). Phil has "Heather" tatooed on his ring finger as a statement that "this ring is not coming off" Heather has "Phil" tatooed on her ring finger for same reason.
  • children: 2 kids - daughter Phynley Elizabeth (born on October 15, 2000), son Philip Eden (but they just call him Eden; born on April 5, 2004)
  • position: Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar
  • Newsboy since/until: 1995 until December 31st 2006
  • what's up after the Newsboys?: After twelve and a half years with the Newsboys Phil wants to to devote more time for his family, his project "deliberatePeople." (together with his wife Heather) and his solo career in music.
  • on there: on 9 CD albums, 4 CD singles and 5 long form videos/DVDs
  • song credits: co-wrote everything off of "Step Up To The Microphone" and "Love Liberty Disco"; co-wrote songs: "Breathe", "Cup O'Tea", "Breathe (Benediction)"; "Joy"; "Praises"; "Who?"; "I Love Your Ways"; "Something To Believe In"; "Wherever We Go"; "Your Love Is Better Than Life"; "City To City"
  • known for: his hair; taking pictures of himself with his fans
  • first job: Hairdresser
  • biggest influence: his wife Heather
  • special info: he was adopted
  • special info 2: voted least likely to succeed in high school
  • hobbies: motorcycle riding, surfing, skating
  • favorite song from "Take Me To Your Leader" (1996): "Breathe"

other info:

  • weirdest thing a fan has given him: a written marriage proposal
  • most embarrassing moment: Falling off the stage at a gig in a New Zealand high school. Tripped over something and had to retune his guitar.
  • most embarrassing moment part 2: he was in Houston and addressed the crowd as Dallas
  • Can you speak any German? : "Wiener Schnitzel."
  • band before Newsboys: Drinkwater
  • first Newsboy who had a solo album out


  • likes doing yard work, except that his dog always messes it up.
  • has a chicken coop and a dummy named Milton.
  • loves Lamington Bars

teenage years:

Spent in Auckland New Zealand. Music was always a big part of Phil's life, was in a band called Drinkwater before joining the Newsboys. New Zealand has an extremely healthy and supportive underground band scene, and Phil has been known to mention these bands as influential

  • Phil and Heather have a dog named "Piha" after Piha Beach near Auckland, where Phil spent a lot of his youth. Heather and Phil both like to go visit Piha Beach when they can find some time for the long trip to New Zealand. There is a photograph of Piha Beach on the artwork to his solo cd "Watching Over You".

  • Phil recently sold his motorbike. We don't know if this has anything to do with the fact that he broke his collarbone while on the Steven Curtis Chapman tour because of this toy or not.

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