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Steve Taylor

virtual sixth band member:
Steve Taylor
purpose, position:
producer, lyricist, video director, rapping, sense for humor, special advice, friend

  • full name: Roland Stephen Taylor
  • birthday: December 9, 1957
  • birthplace: Brawley, California (USA)
  • from: grew up in Denver, Colorado (USA)
  • now living in: ? (USA)
  • known as: Steve
  • married to: D. L. (Debbie) Taylor
    [she's a successful painter—her works include cover art to a number of albums such as Steve's "The Best We Could Find" and "I Predict 1990," Sixpence None The Richer's self-titled release on Squint Entertainment and Rob Frazier's "Retrospect."]
  • parents: father: Rev. Roland Samuel / mother: Gayle Yvonne
  • siblings: brother Jim, sister Dawn
  • current job: working full time as a film maker

  • position/ purpose for the band: For the Newsboys he is something like the "virutal sixth band member" because of his heavily involvement on the production and lyrics front not to forget his special sense for humor, irony and satire. Peter often mentioned his ability to capture in beautiful lyrics what Peter or the other Boys have in mind to put in their songs. Without Steve Taylor the Newsboys wouldn't be there where they are now. Steve equipped them with the right things just in time when the band needed it the most. A lot of people associate Steve and the Newsboys with each other as he became a prominent role in the band's career and is recalled with some of their biggest moments with songs (and music videos) like "Shine," "Breakfast" and also "He Reigns."—Steve is a great friend of the band (and also of the past members), he's some kind of mastermind for them... ;-)

  • behind the scenes of DUTBT:  Phil Joel (left) and Steve Taylor ...
    Steve Taylor (who wrote and directed Newsboys' movie DUTBT)—here pictured in a scene together with Phil Joel (left). The picture is a screen shot from the special and very rare "Behind the Scenes of Down Under the Big Top" video.
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    solo career: He started in (Christian) music with his first own live set in 1982. He signed with "Sparrow Records"; in 1987/88 he retired from Christian music to pursue other music projects. In 1992 he made a comeback as the producer for the Newsboys; in 1993 he released another solo album entitled "Squint" (!) now with the label "Warner Alliance." In 1995 he also released a live album with them (entitled "Liver"); while Sparrow released an anthology for him in 1994 (entitled "Now The Truth Can Be Told").
  • other bands: he was once in a band called Chagall Guevara around the early 1990s...

  • record label boss: In 1996 Steve announced the founding of his own label; then in 1997 he started "Squint Entertainment" (as a division of Word Entertainment), he was owner/VIP of the label, leaded a lot of artists to late great fame (Sixpence None The Richer, Chevelle, Burlap To Cashmere, Waterdeep, PFR, L.A.Symphony) and was a source of inspiration for the whole (Christian) music scene. In 2000/2001 Word took over Squint and so he couldn't continue with his own label. This Squint story had no happy end but Steve found new hope and inspiration so he later appeared again as producer & lyricist for the Newsboys and pursued some other projects.

  • film & video director: Being a creative and passionate director and film maker Steve has directed music videos for Fleming and John, Rich Mullins, Sixpence None The Richer, Newsboys, Guardian, and two video albums for himself. He was the director for the Newsboys music video for "Shine" and also for the whole film project of "Down Under The Big Top" - two instant Newsboys/ Steve Taylor classics where he also got involved himself on the screen.—His newest film project as the director is "The Second Chance" a great Christian movie with Michael W. Smith in the leading role. This project released in early 2006.

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