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feature article - Alliance Music (in English)

from: Alliance Music Good Music Guide July 1998
author: Alliance Music (UK)
website: http://www.alliancemusic.co.uk

Newsboys - ''step up to the microphone'' (1998)»» Newsboys - step up to the microphone

"As we began working on our new project, Step Up To The Microphone, our minds were flooded with many thoughts, feelings and experiences that we wanted to capture in song and relate to you. Through our previous records, Not Ashamed, Going Public and Take Me To Your Leader, we've tried to encourage people to stand up for their faith. During this latest recording we've asked ourselves: how can we tell people they need the Gospel unless we know why we need it? Step Up To The Microphone explores the question of what we say or do in regards to sharing our faith - why do we believe what we believe?"

So says Peter Furler, writer, singer, producer, sometimes drummer and producer of Newsboys latest recording. This is a stunning, gritty and accomplished album, modelling integrity both in music and message. Is it their best yet? Probably. The title track is a hit! Is that why Virgin Music have taken such an interest? Entertaining Angels is wonderfully layered rock and roll. Believe is pure worship: "as I lay down I confess, I'm a fool for you, no more, no less". The whole thing was inspired by C.S. Lewis' A Case For Christianity. It's translated into a language for the reader and non-reader alike. There is little we are certain of in this life. Australia, New Zealand and America's finest declare one thing they do not doubt. Hear the record then see band. They're at Soul Survivor this Summer - July 31 to August 4. ««

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