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Paul Colman - ''let it go'' (2005)from: cmcentral.com
author: Brenten Gilbert
website: http://www.cmcentral.com

»» Paul Colman
Let It Go

Imagine buying a speedboat planning an afternoon outing hoping to experience a few hours of excitement, racing across the water and enjoying the sun and time away. You may drive out to the marina with your friends chattering away about the fun that lay ahead. As everyone gets in their life vests and climbs aboard, you eagerly anticipate getting behind the steering wheel and controls. Finally the time comes and you're ready to begin the expedition. Unfortunately, your boat is firmly secured to the dock with a thick chain, preventing you from leaving the marina.

Many Christians live as if they were chained to a pier, allowing God a limited range of motion and minimal control over their lives. God has purchased us with the intention of taking us out on the waters to lead a fulfilling life, but much like the speedboat, we hold fast to the shores, refusing to past the chain's length. With his first solo project in several years, Paul Colman encourages us as followers of Christ to Let It Go and allow God to take us beyond our acceptable limits.

Much of the album features a worshipful tone shrouded in a soft pop sound that fans of Paul Colman (and the Paul Colman Trio) have come to love and appreciate. Let It Go contains a fine assortment of songs including the extremely catchy acoustic pop track "The One Thing" that provides a little background for the album and advises the listener to trust only in God. God's faithfulness is the one thing, the song states, that never needs to be questioned. Complementing that theme, tracks like "Holding Onto You" and "Always (You Are Forever)" point out the temporal nature of our time on Earth and extol the eternal, unchanging attributes of God. Tracks such as "Gloria (All God's Children)" and "I Owe It All" serve as direct worship songs, completing the communion with God.

Let It Go likely won't go down as the most challenging or artistic endeavor of the year, but with fairly simple compositions and straight forward, heart-felt lyrics, it's sure to please those looking for new worship choruses and a clean pop soundtrack.

Brenten's rating: 85 %

--Brenten Gilbert ««

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