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CD review - CrossRhythms Magazine (in English)

Newsboys - ''take me to your leader'' (1996)from: CrossRhythms, Issue 32 [April/May 1996],
         Page 61
author: Tony Cummings (UK)
website: http://www.crossrhythms.co.uk/magazine/


Take Me To Your Leader

Star Song 0075 CD/Cass Book (Alliance Music/STL)

'Not Ashamed' made us sit up and pay attention. 'Going Public' convinced us that here was a MAJOR CCM band and now 'Take Me To Your Leader' proclaims it to the world, the Newsboys are today one of the finest pop rock bands in the world. Honing and refining their particular brand of snappy, socking music often built on Jody Davis' grungy guitar riffs and the solid, layered keyboards of Jeff Frankenstein, it's the infectiousness of those witty and insightful lyrics courtesy of production wiz Steve Taylor which bring it all together. With so many solid rock grooves the listener is soon dancing round the room before the lyrics reach out and grab you. What about "And would I wash my hands again? / Would I deny my Saviour when he hung inside the public square?" Or how about "This bitterness you hide / It seeps into your soul / And it steals your joy / 'Til it's all you know..." But of course it's their surreal imagery to make their spiritual points which set the Newsboys apart. What about their swipe at the compromise inherent in crossover on "God Is Not A Secret": "I've heard that positive pop you dig / I'd rather be buried in wet concrete". Or "Reality", where the tale of the Prodigal Son gets updated with the son working in a circus asking his folks to send money. After tiring of "shoveling elephant dung" the prodigal learns that "It's His reality that welcomes us back." An album brimming over with good tunes, you'll be playing this for ages.

reviewer's rating: 10/10 ["indispensable"]

--Tony Cummings ««

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