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CD review - CrossRhythms Magazine (in English)

Newsboys - ''shine the hits'' (2000)from: CrossRhythms, Issue 61
         [February/March 2001], Page 54
author: Mike Rimmer (UK)
website: http://www.crossrhythms.co.uk/magazine/


Shine The Hits

Sparrow 724385178726 CD Book (Alliance Music)

For the Newsboys, it's been quite a ride. From nothing special Australian pop band to one of America's most successful CCM bands in the space of a decade. Along the way the line up has changed a little and the music become more accomplished but the band are renowned for their ability to create memorable sounds. The creative peak saw John James on vocals and Steve Taylor penning the lyrics with classics like "Take Me To Your Leader", "Shine" and "Breakfast" becoming highpoints in their live set. This album collects together the best of the albums recorded prior to their disco diversio 'Lovelibertydisco' and their jaunt across America performing in an inflatable venue! There's a fresh version of "God Is Not A Secret" featuring dc Talk's Toby Mac doing some rapping and then there's a smattering of new songs thrown into the pile though these sound like leftovers from previous sessions rather than new material that is worthy of greatest hits status. I guess for fans, they act as a lure to persuade the purchase of a best of when you already have most of the material. The megamix of Newsboys tracks at the end of the album is a little clumsy but even so, nothing can diminish the wealth of great music that the band have produced.

reviewer's rating: 9/10 ["excellent"]

--Mike Rimmer ««

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