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CD review - CrossRhythms Magazine (in English)

Newsboys - ''thrive'' (2002)from: CrossRhythms, Issue 68 [May/June 2002],
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author: Paddy Hudspith (UK)
website: http://www.crossrhythms.co.uk/magazine/



SPD51846 CD Book (EMI Christian Music Group)

After a couple of years which have seen the Boys fling hit after hit at the charts, embark on an "inflatable arena" airdome tour, release a 'Best Of' collection ('Shine: The Hits'), and join CCM's answer to the Lollapalooza-style roadshow ('Festival Con Dios'), you could forgive them for taking things easy for a while. No way, mate! One glance at the track listing of 'Thrive' (titles include "The Fad Of The Land" and "John Woo"), or one listen to the opening seconds of "Live In Stereo" (whistling returns to rock - yes!), lets you in on the best news CCM's had in a while: the legendary Steve Taylor is back producing the Newsboys! As a huge fan of classic discs like 'Going Public' and 'Take Me To Your Leader' I was ready to LOVE this CD, and I ain't disappointed. I predict that 'Thrive' will physically bond itself to my stereo for weeks to come. Everything you want to hear from Peter Furler's gang is present and correct: riffs you could build a house on (check out opener "Giving It Over" or "Fad"); lyrics laced with wit and wisdom (courtesy of Taylor? - my pre-release copy has no writer credits so I'm guessing…); groovy production ideas around every corner (shake your thang to "Rescue", or re-live '70s glam rock with the na-na-na chorus on "Cornelius"), and as ever a genuinely worshipful heart to the whole lot ("It Is You" and "Lord (I Don't Know)" are beautiful). Like Third Day and Audio Adrenaline recently, Newsboys have charged back into the CCM fray with - dare I say it? - their best offering yet. This is becoming a vintage year for Christian rock!

reviewer's rating: 10/10 ["indispensable"]

--Paddy Hudspith ««

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