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CD review - CrossRhythms Magazine (in English)

Newsboys - ''newsboys remixed'' (2002)from: CrossRhythms, Issue 73 [March/April 2003],
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author: Simon Eden (UK)
website: http://www.crossrhythms.co.uk/magazine/


Newsboys Remixed

SPD40547 CD Book (EMI Christian Music Group)

Rock beats and guitar licks. Considering the strength of the percussion in the Newsboys (when was the last time you saw a CCM drum solo), a remix album was somewhat predictable. Not that CCM's favourite pop rockers have been transformed into fodder for the Ibiza crowd. This is still hook-laden pop rock though with more emphasis on rhythm and less on standard verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure. The quality of mixing is, to my ears, as good as the songwriting. The strength of this album is that the remixes have kept the quality song structures and not lost the message. Well known numbers like "Shine" and "Entertaining Angels" get a refreshing breath of life, but it is only "Love Liberty Disco" that comes close to being a disco track. The remix medley that takes bits from all the main songs is like having the Newsboys' entire life flash before your eyes. Newsboys fans may be a tad suspicious of 'Newsboys Remixed' and I can't imagine club deejays will be too interested. Still, this will do until that eagerly awaited Newsboys worship album gets released.

reviewer's rating: 7/10 ["very good"]

--Simon Eden ««

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