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feature article - Cross Rhythms Magazine (in English)

from: Cross Rhythms, online, Tuesday 19th December 2006
author: Tony Cummings (UK)
website: http://www.crossrhythms.co.uk

The 20 Best Tracks Of 2006: Newsboys - 'Your Love Is Better Than Life' ...»» The 20 Best Tracks Of 2006

Mike Rimmer and Tony Cummings choose their favourite songs from their favourite 2006 albums

The Newsboys – Your Love Is Better Than Life
From 'Go' (Inpop)

After those rather dull worship albums the Boys are back with 'Go', their rockiest and wittiest release for years. And with the addition of Paul Colman they've added a new songwriting and vocal talent to their armoury. This song has, I believe, lead vocals from Mr Colman as he intones in a spoken monologue some of the numerous things he doesn't know. With the thick Australian accent resembling, to these ears at least, Cockney the whole thing almost has a Chas & Dave flavour while the repeated "I dunnos" take us hilariously into the telling chorus "Your love is better than life/Without your love it's all a mindless routine," it soars and then builds into overlapping passage of chorus and monologue with scintillating electronic effects. One of the cleverest cuts you'll hear this or any year.

Tony Cummings ««

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