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CD review - CrossRhythms Magazine (in English)

Paul Colman - ''let it go'' (2005)from: CrossRhythms, online, 2005
author: Steve Best (UK)
website: http://www.crossrhythms.co.uk

»» Paul Colman

Let It Go

Inpop POD1308

After PC3 went their separate ways (bassist Grant to SonicFlood and drummer Phil to production and session work back in Australia) Paul is back ploughing the lone furrow. But in many ways, 'Let It Go' continues in the same mature vein that the last PC3 album 'One' did. When 'Let It Go' was released in April of this year, radio hit "Gloria (All God's Children)" was a huge radio hit - a joyous modern-day hymn of praise, and in truth this album is packed with a mixture of perky, hummable pop tunes of effortless quality ("The One Thing", "Holding On To You", and the excellent "Nothing Without You") and thought-provoking material such as the eerie "Last Night In America", "I Owe It All" and the extraordinary closer "My Brother Jack" - a true story which carries a sobering warning to us all. Ignore it at your peril. In my eyes, consummate songsmith Paul Colman can do little wrong and this fabulous record is proof if ever it were needed that Paul is a huge talent.

reviewer's rating: 10/10 ["indispensable"]

--Steve Best ««

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