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CD review - CrossRhythms Magazine (in English)

Paul Colman Trio - ''new map of the world'' (2002)from: CrossRhythms, online, 2002
author: Peter Bate (UK)
website: http://www.crossrhythms.co.uk

»» Paul Colman Trio

New Map Of The World

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Straight-ahead earnest rock is all the rage at the mo, and the pc3 (as they like to be known) are not ones to stare a gift horse in the mouth. Following in the slipsteam of Semisonic, Jimmy Eat World and co, Australia's Paul Colman offers a spiritual slant to the genre on his group's major label debut. Openers "Turn" and "Run" are terrific rushes of guitar-pop adrenalin, Colman urging the church/world to "turn this life around" before it's too late. But, despite the catchy worship track "Fill My Cup", things sag a bit in the middle - the band clutching at the MOR safety net a bit too eagerly. Patience rewards, though, as the angsty "Selfish Song" is just around the corner, preparing the way for album highlight "I Dream", a wide-eyed vision of end-time angelic splendour that U2 would be proud of.

reviewer's rating: 8/10 ["very good indeed"]

--Peter Bate ««

From CrossRhythms Magazine: »Peter Bate, a newspaper reporter hailing from Staffordshire, supports West Ham and enjoys The Vigilantes Of Love and all things alt country.«

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