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CD review - CrossRhythms Magazine (in English)

Paul Colman Trio - ''one'' (2003)from: CrossRhythms, online, 2003
author: Mike Rimmer (UK)
website: http://www.crossrhythms.co.uk

»» Paul Colman Trio


Essential 6107082

The Paul Colman Trio return to American studios to cut their second label recording and deliver an album that tops 'New Map Of The World'. To these ears it sounds as though Paul's songwriting is even more pointed this time around. Lyrically, there is plenty of meat with "Solution". "Live It" challenges the listeners to get off their behinds and make a difference. Elsewhere "Into Your Arms" feels like the closest thing that Paul has come to writing a worship song! His open, honest, confessional style of writing is always compelling so "Your Man" is a prayer expressing a desire to follow God and "Save My Soul" is just brilliant. Colman deserves to establish himself as a major songwriter but it seems as though the Yanks are a little slow to catch on to this trio’s charms. Shame really since this album is superb pop rock built on a solid rhythm section, great melodies and perfect harmonies. Musically and lyrically strong, definitely one of the best releases of the year.

reviewer's rating: 10/10 ["indispensable"]

--Mike Rimmer ««

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