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CD review - CrossRhythms Magazine (in English)

Newsboys - ''thrive special edition'' (2005)from: CrossRhythms, online, 2006
author: Trevor Kirk (UK)
website: http://www.crossrhythms.co.uk

»» Newsboys

Thrive Special Edition

Sparrow SPD44645

Here's a bargain that you shouldn't miss - a classic Newsboys album from 2002 repackaged with a superb DVD of a full 14-song concert set recorded at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Museum. The slickly produced DVD includes interviews, a tour of the museum, song explanations and behind the scenes footage, all adding up to over three hours of excellent viewing. Newsboys fans will know all about 'Thrive', originally released in 2002; eight of the 10 tracks from the album are on the DVD, only "Cornelius" and "John Woo" are missing. In compensation, some Newsboys classics are included on the DVD: "Entertaining Angels", "Joy" and "Take Me To Your Leader" to name just a few, and there's a guest appearance by Michael Tait to boot. Even if you already have 'Thrive' in your record rack, I'd recommend this special edition for the gig footage alone.

reviewer's rating: 9/10 ["excellent"]

--Trevor Kirk ««

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