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Jody Davis - ''jody davis'' (2001)from: the formerly christianmusic.about.com
author: Robin Parrish
website: http://christianmusic.about.com
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»» Phil Joel
Watching Over You

Jody Davis takes a bold step out on his own from the Newsboys, on his self-titled debut album. If you're expecting something similar to fellow-Newsboy Phil Joel's recent solo debut, think again.

Davis' musical style could be described in several ways. It's got elements of modern rock, some very strong classic rock influences, and lots of pop/rock hooks. The songs consist almost entirely of guitar, bass, and drums. You'll also hear some horns added to the mix (an unusual choice, to be sure, for this genre). Davis' vocals are solid, with an impressive range -- so much that it makes me wonder why we never hear him take the lead on any of the Newsboys' material. The result of all of these elements winds up sounding similar to the music of John Cox or Pete Stewart.

Lyrically, Davis talks about everything from seeking God's presence to coming to grips with human suffering, without ever forgetting about our hope in God.
While Davis' album will probably be overshadowed by Joel's, and it won't satisfy the same audience that enjoys Joel's and the Newsboys' music, to ignore it all together would be a crime. While there are a few misses here, there is definitely some very worthwhile stuff here as well.

Top Picks: "Believe," "The Crush of Love," "I Can't Get Enough," "Satellite," and "Light of the World."

Pros: It is commendable of Davis to break away from the Newsboys influences and make the kind of music he really wanted to make. The results are mostly positive. On the other hand...

Cons: It could backfire, if Newsboys fans are put off by the differences.

The Verdict: A strong debut. Not quite as strong as Joel's, but it still holds a lot of potential. Fans of John Cox and Pete Stewart should give it a listen.

My Score: 3.5 stars (out of 5).

--Robin Parrish ««

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