... big questions need answers :::

This is my section where I need YOUR help the most. You, I mean all you freaks from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and so on. Please help me out with original stuff and the right answers. It's impossible for in Europe and for a native German to find out by myself...
If you can answer only one question on this page with "Yes!" then please contact me. Thank you!!!

Send all you know and have to my e-mail newsboys@shinemedia.de

So, here are the "big questions":

  • Who sings what? I wanna know which Newsboy sings lead vocals on the songs. I know that Phil takes lead on "Entertaining Angels" and "WooHoo" but what is with all the rest?

  • Correct album release date for "Read All About It."

  • Correct single release date for the "Take Me To Your Leader" maxi single (Star Song / Virgin, 1996). Note: Obviously there were different dates for the U.S. and the UK version.

  • Correct video release dates for "Boys Will Be Boyz" and "Not Ashamed The Video."

  • Do you have more info on the first Newsboys record, the demo tape "He's Coming Back!" (from 1987!) ?

  • Are there any Billboard Magazine reviews out for the albums "Shine The Hits," "Adoration: The Worship Album," "Newsboys Remixed" by the Newsboys and "Jody Davis" by Jody Davis and "Bring It On" by Phil Joel?

  • Are there any ccm magazine reviews out fot the albums "Shine The Hits," "Boys Will Be Boyz" and the videos "Boys Will Be Boyz The Video," "Not Ashamed The Video" or "Down Under The Big Top"?
  • Who has the album review for "boys will be boyz" from the ccm magazine 8/1991? (Ebay-link)

  • Do you have a picture of founding member George Perdikis?

  • Do you have more detailed info on the former members and also what they are doing now?

  • Do you have promotional pictures from the RAAI era, HIFW era, BWBB era, NA era and/or the GP era?

  • Do you have more concert pictures from any of their European concerts? (UK - Wales, Scotland etc. / Denmark / Norway / Sweden / Switzerland / Germany / The Netherlands)

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