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David ''daveshine'' Decker in 2004 ...


David Decker

nicknames: Dave, Dav / online: daveshine
birthday: September 6th, 1977
country: Germany !!!
hometown: Ehrenfriedersdorf
(in German free state Saxony) - see map!
current residence: Ehrenfriedersdorf
family: father: Hartmut / mother: Luise / elder brother: Daniel / younger brothers: Philipp, Simeon
education: Abitur (= high school)
job: my own company for creating website projects called "David Decker Webservice"
hobbies: riding on my bike, watching Le Tour de France / reading, surfing the web, painting
political: member of the Christ Democratic Party (CDU) and Junge Union (Christ Democratic Youth)

come to know Christ: since childhood, made my commitment to live with Jesus in the summer of 1991
baptized: June 1st 1997
home church & youth group: at "Brethren Church" in Herold ("Evangelical-Free-Church")
church website / my youthgroup website
favourite scripture: nb-related "oldies": Matthew 5:16 / Luke 15:10
...but still a lot more!!!

favourite Newsboys albums: That is hard to say since all of their outputs are really good in my humble opinion but just to name a few top notch releases:
"going public" / "thrive" / "adoration" / "devotion" / "go"
favourite Newsboys song: A lot;-) Ok, here are some of the top:

» nb 'old school': "shine", "entertaining angels", "lost the plot", "love comes true", "woohoo", "tuning in", "strong love", "joy", "good stuff", "lights out", "Elle G.", "something beautiful", "the mission", "secret kingdom" ...and almost all the remixes out there!!!

» nb 'new school': "He reigns", "in christ alone", "the orphan", "landslide of love", "Isaiah", "live in stereo", "Cornelius", "John Woo", "the fad of the land", "great is your faithfulness"
favourite Newsboys video clip: » nb 'old school': of "shine", also "take me to your leader"

» nb 'new school': of "He reigns"

favourite christian acts: A lot ;-) Some are: Sixpence None The Richer, Leigh Nash, Tess Wiley, Newsboys, Superchic[k], Casting Pearls, Nichole Nordeman, Ginny Owens, Margaret Becker, Rachael Lampa, Stacie Orrico, Sarah Brendel, Plumb, All Star United, The Echoing Green, Sarah Jahn, Rebecca St. James, Carolyn Arends, Phatfish (UK), Rhythmsaints, Sozo, Guardian, Eric Champion, Code Of Ethics, Christafari, WWMT & The Tribe (UK), Larry Norman, Faith Massive, Psalmistry (UK), Scott Blackwell, SHINEmk (UK), Lakita, Jaci Velasquez, Jennifer Knapp, Tara Leigh Cobble, New Life (GER), Allee der Kosmonauten (GER), ...
favourite christian singer: » male: Michael W. Smith / Peter Furler

» female: Crystal Lewis / Leigh Nash / Anja Lehmann (Germany) / Rebecca St. James / Tess Wiley / Carolyn Arends
favourite secular acts: Natasha Bedingfield, Daniel Bedingfield, Nelly Furtado, Shakira, Anastacia, Coldplay, U2, Alanis Morissette, The Prodigy (UK), Amanda Marshall, Edyta Gorniak (Poland), Die Prinzen (Germany), REM, Oasis (UK), Collective Soul, Ace Of Base (Sweden), Sheryl Crow
favourite books: The Bible / "Tagebuch eines frommen Chaoten" (Adrian Plass)
favourite author: Adrian Plass (UK); Werner Gitt (Germany)

I've got some space at myspace.com so just click for yourself to get some info:
» me, myself & I: www.myspace.com/daveshine
» some funny rare nb-related stuff: www.myspace.com/shinemedia
» inpop records fan club: groups.myspace.com/inpop
» some free songs of my brother: www.myspace.com/haimusic
» my christian music mag: www.myspace.com/ccmrezis

If you want to send me private e-mails, you can do so here.

''david decker webservice'' ...For visiting my company pages step up to www.deckerweb.de/webservice/

If you interested in my spare time website projects for christian music and so on take a look at www.shinemedia.de ;-) My online christian music magazine "CCM-Rezis" you'll find at www.ccmtexte.de/rezis/

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