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Jody Davis

former member:
Jody Davis
purpose, position:
guitar & lead vocals

  • full name: Jody Brian Davis
  • birthday: September 26, 1967
  • birthplace: Petersburg, Indiana, USA
  • from: Petersburg, Indiana, USA
  • now living in: Franklin, TN, USA
  • known as: Jody, Helmet.
  • parents: father: John (coal miner; music) / mother: Devera
  • siblings: 3 sisters - Jennifer, Jackie, Abby
  • married to: Erika, who is a ballarina
  • children: one daughter - Bethany Catherine Davis (born on February 13, 2001)
  • position: lead guitar, vocals
  • Newsboys since/until: 1994 until 2003/2004 -- Jody was technically replaced with Bryan Olesen for the 'Festival Con Dios Tour' beginning September 2003 it was officially confirmed around of February 2004.
  • what's up after the Newsboys?: ...now enjoying a "normal" family life out of the spotlight in Yuma, Arizona - and most important: he's having more time to care for his daughter who is seriously ill. Just read a recent interview with Jody at NBHQ from January of 2005.
  • writing credits: "Entertaining Angels", "Deep End", "Miracle Child", "Real Good Thing", "Love Liberty Disco"; "Make It Disappear" (The Waiting); "Strategies" (SoZo)
  • on there: on 8 CD albums, 3 CD singles and 5 long form videos/DVDs
  • known for: being the silent member of the band.
  • special info: Was in a band called the "Phos", which later became known as "Lively Stones" when "Little Ricky" (from the "I Love Lucy" show) joined.
  • first job/unusual job: picking peaches
  • biggest influence: his parents
  • hobbies: dirt bike riding / Motocycles; photography
  • pets: dog named Patch

other info:

  • band before Newsboys: Phos
  • second band before Newsboys: Lively Stones
  • second Newsboys who had a solo album out


  • *loves* motorbikes
  • likes coffee
  • likes to cook
  • likes reading
  • likes sugar-free gum
  • likes polaroid I-zone cameras
  • constantly carries a camera - never goes anywhere without it

teenage years:

He played mandolin a band in high school. He may or may not have been in swing choir under the direction of Vance Hayes.

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