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Bryan Olesen

former member:
Bryan Olesen
purpose, position:
guitar & background vocals

  • full name: Bryan David Olesen
  • birthday: November 1, 1973
  • birthplace: Hartford/CT (USA)
  • from: USA
  • used to live in: Lincoln/NE (USA) around time of 2001-2004 - moved to Nebraska in 1994
  • now living in: Lincoln/NE (USA)
  • known as: Bryan
  • married to: Jenni (born Hines); they married in 1997
  • children: 3 kids - daugther Jadyn (born in 2001), son Myles (born in 2003), son Liam (born on May 4, 2004)
  • parents: John & Norine Olesen
  • siblings: 1 brother - Johnny
  • position: lead guitar, some vocals...
  • Newsboys since/until: 2003 - he was called in September 2003 by the Newsboys to fill in for Jody until the end of the year and was then (as of February of 2004) the "new" full time member on the guitar position. In January of 2006 Bryan, and Peter from NB - along with their two bands - made the decision that Bryan left the Newbsoys to fully focus on his Casting Pearls band and ministry work. It was a bittersweet day for both, CP & NB, was stated in a press release -- but the hard decision was made to have more time for families and to manage the full touring schedules a whole lot better. Paul Colman is Bryans successor as the NB guitar player!
  • band before and after Newsboys: Casting Pearls - note: he was still in this band (parallel to Newsboys!!!) as he was the guitar player for the boys!
  • faith & bible school: He became a believer in Christ in his sophomore year of high school. He went to a Bible school in Wisconsin and majored in Youth Ministry and Bible.


  • scripture: quote from march of 2004: »Hmm, I've been diggin Romans chapters 6-8 this year. The apostle Paul has shed some light as to the battles we face in this life. I've learned to better understand that the Christian walk is a battle against the flesh, and against the devil. I must train myself in righteous living. Godliness is like working out....if I want to be buff, it won't happen tomorrow, but if I work on the little things daily, great progress will be made when I look back in 6 months.«
  • place/venue he played: Ocean Grove, NJ opening for Newsboys for 3000 people
  • favorite/most influential bands/records listened to: In his teens, Van Halen. They were just fun and rockin. Great songs and guitar playing. Other artists, Jellyfish, PFR, Dada, Queen
  • favorite/most influential song: "Dare You To Move" by Switchfoot. It's a great song with a great lyric.
  • movie: he can't think of one....definitely NOTHING with Ben Affleck in it
  • sport: Soccer [comment of webmaster: with that he'd get a warmth welcome in Germany/Europe! ;-) ]

more info:

  • What's in your CD player right now?: Switchfoot - "The Beautiful Letdown" / 25 Classic tunes for toddlers (not by choice, my daughter must play this cd EVERY DAY!!) / Diana Krall - "Live In Paris"
  • When did you first start playing music?: »Early in life I remeber picking up a guitar the wrong way (left) and the guy telling me I had it wrong. To this day I still prefer to play air guitar left handed. Maybe I was meant to play left handed. Maybe thats why I'm not that good....hmm....I got my first real 6 string when I was 14. I've played 6 hours a day since then....just kidding, but my love for playing and writing was immediate.«
  • Why did you pick the instrument you did?: »I just wanted to rock on the guitar like my hero Eddie Van Halen.«
  • dream instrument to have: Eddie Van Halen's red & white striped Kramer guitar
  • what do you need during your day: »Discipline to work out and get in the Word. To pray to God and spend time with my family. That all makes for a great day.«
  • worst road trip experience ever: »Anytime I've ever driven in Case's (of Casting Pearls) vehicles«
  • worst/most embarrassing moment as a kid: »Hmm, sorry can't share that one online :)«
  • pass-time activities: songwriting, movies, advancing world peace

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