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Paul Colman

band member:
Paul Colman
purpose, position:
guitar, background vocals & songwriting

  • full name: Paul Colman
  • birthday: August 22, 1968
  • birthplace: London (UK) - his family returned to Australia when he was about 7.
  • from: Australia
  • used to live in: Melbourne (Australia) until around 2001 - moved to Nashville, TN, in 2001
  • now living in: Nashville, TN, USA
  • known as: Paul
  • married to: Rebecca - the couple already had their 10 year wedding anniversary! ;-)
  • children: 2 kids - daughter Katie (Katherine) who is 3 and daughter Elly (Elizabeth) who is almost 2. [ages as of 2006?]
  • parents: Australian father & British mother - His father was an actor/singer well known in theater and musicals in the UK - but he gave it up when he felt the call of God on his life and returned to Australia to take up ministry.
  • siblings: sister Sian
  • position: lead guitar, some vocals, some songwriting (in the future!)...
  • Newsboys since: January 2006 - successor of Bryan Olesen as the NB guitar player.
  • song credits (Newsboys): co-wrote the songs "Something Beautiful", "Your Love Is Better Than Life" and "Gonna Be Alright"
  • job before music career: He was a high school teacher (History English and Religion) but quit to concentrate full time on his music.
  • music history: He started his first band when he was about 11 - and as well as guitar, he can also play piano.
  • band before Newsboys: Paul Colman Trio (a.k.a. 'pc3', 1999-2004) - before and after that he was a solo artist (since 1994)!
  • known for: "his sense of humour is legendary"
  • more info: Q&A with Paul...


  • from Newsboys songs: "Something Beautiful" (from GO, 2006) [he co-wrote it!]
  • from own songs: "I Owe It All" (from LIG, 2005)

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