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John James, 2006/2007
Picture from around 2006/2007
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former member: John James
purpose, position:
lead vocals

  • full name: John James
  • nickname: James
  • birthday: April 27, 1964
  • birthplace: ?, Australia
  • origin: Moolöolaba/Queensland (The Sunshine Coast), Australia
  • "U.S. years": living in or around Nashville/Tennessee, USA
  • now living in: Mooloolaba/Queensland, Australia [may be moving to Brisbane/Queensland, Australia, as said in an October 2006 interview...]
  • married to: Vesna
  • children: 2 daughters - eldest name is Natasha
  • siblings: at least one sister - she's married with a pastor

  • Newsboy since/until: 1985*) until September of 1997
  • what's up after the Newsboys?:
    • ...now enjoying a "normal" family life again out of the spotlight

    • and: around the year 2000/2001 (still enduring!) he appeared on some conferences/ festivals in Australia to tell his life story. He also gave some interviews.

    • He's also engaged in pioneering a new church in Bisbane, Australia, along with his pastor and friend, David Evans.

    • As of 2006/2007 John's touring with David Evans Ministries and the Cre8ive worship team (out of Brisbane) through Australia and also in Europe (UK...). They've released an album entitled "Breathe Again" in February of 2006 (with Integrity Music) which contains 11 modern worship tracks and a second bonus disc containing John's challengening message about his life story.

  • song writing contributions: "You're Still There"; "I Got Your Number", "Listen For The Shout!", "It's Joy", "Never Surrender" and "Read All About It" and all songs on the albums "Hell Is For Wimps" and "Boys Will Be Boyz" [as both booklets indicate the whole band as the songwriters!]
  • on there: on 6 CD albums, 1 CD single and 3 long form videos [NOT including any best-of packages and such issued after 1997!]
  • go to join the band: John joined the Newsboys after he was invited by Peter Furler and George Perdikis because they needed a singer.

  • got to left the band:
    • That's a long story... (Read it here!)

    • In the late fall of 1997 (I think it was in November or even in December) an announcement was made from the band that John had left the band and Peter would switch from the drums to the mic spot. (But in fact he left the band in late September.) The statement said that John wanted to have more time for his family after over 12 years on the road. He would go back to Australia to his father and that he would've wanted to work as an author and speaker....

    • BUT: That announcement was not the truth!—John was forced (obviously by the manager and the other members, or even their label maybe...) to left the band because he was addicted to alcohol and cocaine and fought with depressions and despair. His marriage was over and his wife left him with their daughter and moved back to Australia. John was still living in the U.S. after he left—all alone. He also moved back to Australia but that was in the year 1998 when God started the rescue mission to save his life (and marriage) once again. God used his sister and a lot of other people to help John to get in a healing process. Later the couple was together again and planted in a church in Australia where they were mentored and helped to find back to "normal life"...

    • Please note: He's still good friends with the current band (...as the below picture from the year 2000 with Duncan and Peter indicates!). Sometimes the Australian guys (John, Peter, Duncan...) meet together...

    • Please also note: We DON'T wrote the above to justify John in any way—we wrote it down to finally tell the truth because I (my site here) was involved to publish lies (though unknowing). I am SO glad that John is back on track through our FAITHFUL God. I wish him and his family all the best.—We'll see each other in eternity! ;-)

    • On a side note: As it were the best prophecy the 1997's band statement regarding the 'speaking ministry' came true around the year 2000/2001 (still enduring!) when John started to speak in public about his life story and about issues of the spiritual backgrounds when living in the (Christian) music industry. God's ways are beyond description!

  • best known for as the NB lead singer: his energetic crazy dancing & singing style; his passionate preaching; being a very friendly guy; good friend of Peter
  • best known for as 'the changed man' & speaker/ pastor: being passionate about his wife, his children and working with high school kids; traveling across Australia and Europe telling his life story and/or touring with David Evans Ministries and the Cre8ive worship band...

[*) There different sources about his start with the boyz: some say he joined in 1985 shortly after the Newsboys were formed from The News [because they needed a singer]; other sources indicate he already was with The News in 1985 [or even earlier?]; still other sources indicate he got to join in 1986 — so if we take the year 1985 we may be on the right side...]

other info (as of 1996/97 'TMTYL' version of band web site):

  • first job or odd/unusual job: selling lamingtons
  • special skills or talents: gardening
  • What awards have you won? Innisfail high school table tennis champion
  • Who is the person that has influenced you the most? Why? "Kevin Dayles. He lived what he preached."
  • What are your hobbies? "Dirt bike riding; dirt bike crashing."
  • What is your favorite vacationing spot? Why? "Green Island! Because no one bugs me there."
  • What is your favorite food? "Olives and egg plant."
  • What would you be doing if you weren't in music? "Lamington truck driver."
  • What is your favorite thing about singing? "When the concert is over."
  • Tell about when you first began singing and how old you were. "In high school for a musical; I was 16 years old."
  • What is the best, most meaningful advice you've received or would give? "Always let someone else check the water depth first before you cross."

quotes—as a pastor/ speaker:

  • »I came to the realisation, either the Word of God is true or it isn't. Either it can change my life or it can't. If it can't then I'm wasting my time but if it can then I'm going to do everything that I can to allow it to change my life.«
    (in the CrossRhythms interview, October 2006)

  • »To do a significant work, you need to lay hold of Jesus, even in [the music] business.«
    (at a 'Cre8ive' event in 2005/2006)

quotes—when he was with the Newsboys:

  • »"It feels like we're on the edge of something. We're evolving into something we can almost see up ahead, and it's driving us to give more than ever before.«
    (when interviewed about T.M.T.Y.L.)

  • »We don't watch MTV 24 hours a day, keeping our finger on 'the pulse'. That isn't the pulse. We take our music seriously - but the message even
    more seriously.«

Some more pictures of John:
John James, c1994
John around the year 1994.
John James, c1994
John around the year
1994.     [enlarge pic]
John James, TMTYL Tour in 1996/1997
John live at the TMTYL tour in 1996/1997.

John James, c1993
John around the year 1993.

John live at the Greenbelt Festival in August of 1995 (UK).
John live at the Greenbelt Festival in August of 1995 (UK).

From left to right: John James, Duncan Phillips, Peter Furler. (Year 2000)
The current band members got to meet John when they toured and visited their families back
in Australia in the year 2000. From left to right: John James, Duncan Phillips, Peter Furler.

John James in 2005/2006
One of the newest John pics,
around the year 2005/2006 or so.
John James, February of 2006
John, when interviewed by Rodney Olsen of "Sonshine FM"
(Australian Christian radio station) in the last week of
February in 2006.   [enlarge pic]

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