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official band biography - Devotion era (2004)

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Peter Furler 2004
Question: So there was a point when you felt, or your wife felt, that you weren't cut out for marriage?
Answer Peter Furler: I'm not exempt from the attacks - that same force that comes against everything that the Kingdom of God stands for, and a marriage is part of the kingdom of God. We're joined, and in God's eye's we're one. The word says, '…and let nothing come and separate.' Divorce is not restoration.

Q: What do you believe now about marriage?
A: I believe this, that no matter what you're going through in your marriage, especially if you have children, you're better off to stay in that marriage. Do it even as a sacrifice unto the Lord and you will start to see mighty miracles happen in that marriage. You'll start to see it in the children and the next generation. It's about turning deserts into springs of living water…that's what that church is for.

Q: What is your definition or vision of "the church"?
A: The only hope for racism, and marriage, and poverty, is through the church. And when I say that, I don't mean it's not always how you've seen the church, or how people have seen the church…I'm talkin' about God's plan for the church and how His order works. There will be many in the end who say 'Lord! Lord!' but Jesus will say, "I didn't know you" and so that means there are lot's of phonies out there. But I think it's just about finding where the real salt is.

Q: So you're really talking about devotion to your spouse, devotion to God…
A: Devotion to the kingdom and God's purpose, not my purpose. My purpose is God's purpose, so that's my food. It's finding out what is God's purpose on this earth. God said to Jesus, 'Sit at my right hand and I'll make your enemies your foot stool', and it's like Jesus is the cornerstone of this great church.

Q: How do you see the role of Christians today?
A: It's not really our job to be with our bags packed on the rooftops waiting for Jesus to come back, our job is to restore, and to be the pillar of truth and integrity in the world. The only way we can shine a light in this world is if it's really operating in our lives. That light can't be man made. It's not something we can just sort of say 'Oh I'm a good example…I'm going to hold out the best I can and not look at bad magazines, or not look at bad things on the Internet, or be one thing at home, and something different out on the stage.' It's not about that. I've got to really know in my life why these things aren't good for me, and I've got to really know why I'm meant to restore the desolate inheritances.

Q: How does Peter Furler go about restoring his life?
A: By having the knowledge of God's word, for it be revealed to me…it can't just be words on a paper…it's got to be alive and living and active in my life...it's got to be penetrating, dividing spirit and soul, joints and marrow. It's got to be judging my thoughts and attitudes, revealing to me that nothing is hidden from the sight of God, and that everything would be uncovered and laid bare before him who we must give an account.

Q: What would be the definition of a "best-case scenario" relationship with a fellow Christian?
A: We're walking with one another…and for me that means finding men that not only am I accountable to, but really encouraging one another to love more and to do great things. It's about knowing the face of Jesus on the earth. I've got men in my life that I just don't want to disappoint because I love them so much, and I've made a commitment to them. And my wife is starting to meet women who are great women in the Lord, and are not phony. It's actually it's their actions that we're seeing first, and so it's becoming really cool. It's becoming more than just about sitting around and talking about other people. It's about…how can we pray for this person…let's see if they'll come along to this study and meet together. It's empowering. You've only got to do it once or twice a week, and man!…your life starts to change.

Q: How would you best describe your music?
A: I'm doing music of life, and part of my life as a believer…and part of every true believer's life is an act of worship. The word says the fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom. So, you're not going to have a wise life unless you start with reverence for God.

Q: Are there any songs on devotion that are significant or have a special meaning for you?
A: "A track called 'The Orphan' I think is my favorite. It's really about - 'what is the church for?' You know in society...and how important is it? We live in a time when a lot of people can get disenchanted with the church, and not know really what it's there for, and they make the mistake of moving away from it…and probably, that's exactly what our enemy of the church, and the enemy of the kingdom of God wants. And so the song 'The Orphan' is not necessarily about one thing, but one thing that it is about, is restoring the desolate inheritances and like handing something great onto the next generation. And that's really being fathers to the fatherless….but it's more than just orphans out there who don't have parents. There are people that have no spiritual families.

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