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Newsboys 1996
The Newsboys

The release of "Take Me To Your Leader," the Newsboys' Virgin Records debut, ushers in a new creative chapter for the band and simultaneously highlights how far the Australian rock group has already progressed. By any measure, Newsboys have accomplished a great deal during a career spanning five previous albums.

Their most recent records are steadily closing in on gold-certified sales, while earning widespread critical praise and numerous award nominations. Nonstop worldwide touring has taken the group's compelling live show to sold-out venues ranging from 10,000 seat arenas to Los Angeles' famed Roxy. Along the way, nationally televised Newsboys features have aired on "Good Morning America," "Entertainment Tonight," and CNN, and have appeared in publications such as the Los Angeles Times and Forbes.

When a rock band achieves this level of success, it's impressive; when a rock band playing contemporary Christian music does it, it's extraordinary. But rather than rest on their laurels, the group members are restlessly exploring broader horizons.

Their major label debut shows the Newsboys reaching new heights with their quixotic lyrics, sharp songwriting, thundering rhythms, and refreshing splashes of skewed Aussie humor -- attributes that have earned the group multiple Grammy and Dove Award nominations.

Confronted by all the hubbub, the band reacts with bemused, typically self-effacing humor. "The word we keep hearing about this album is 'organic' -- like we have an herb garden on the album or something," laughs band co-founder/drummer/vocalist Peter Furler. "But the word keeps coming up because the album is mainly performed live -- we didn't use any sequencers."

Newsboys continue to seek new challenges onstage as well as in the recording studio, and are eagerly preparing for their ground-breaking "Take Me To Your Leader" concert trek by far their most ambitious tour yet.

"I'm really hoping that we can go beyond what we've done as live players and as a band," says Furler. "I'm not talking about just adding more live equipment and lights. I'm talking about as people, as a close-knit unit that creates something that could be life changing."

Can concert audiences expect an appearance by the funky futuristic automobile / retro space ship which graces the "Take Me To Your Leader" album cover? "We're working on that," laughs Furler. "I'd like to have one parked on the stage, and another outside the hall."

Like the fantasymobile depicted on its cover artwork, "Take Me To Your Leader" provides a mind expanding vehicle for Newsboys to bring their music to ever widening audiences -- both secular and non-secular. Their rare dual-faceted appeal and ear-grabbing music make the Newsboys newsworthy indeed.


Copyright 1996-97 Virgin Records and Newsboys.

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