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Summary: inpop Records is an independent Contemporary Christian music record label based in Franklin, Tennessee. It was launched in July, 1999 by Australians Peter Furler, Wes Campbell and Dale Bray. The name was derived from the idea of wanting to highlight the talents of international pop artists, though they have signed an equal number of American artists. Artists on inpop's roster include Newsboys, Mat Kearney, Superchick, Ian Eskelin (of All Star United), Petra, and more.

inpop Records: CEO Wes Campbell (Newsboys Manager) ...
CEO: Wes Campbell (Newsboys manager).
Some history: When Newsboys lead singer Peter Furler and the band’s manager Wes Campbell first came to the USA, the last thing they thought they would become is record label owners.

inpop Records: President Dale Bray  ...
President: Dale Bray.
Ten years later, and tired of sleeping in his tour bus bunk with hundreds of demo's piled high (given to him from artists he met on tour). Furler decided it was time to do something about it, so inpop Records was launched with Campbell and Australian friend and record executive Dale Bray in July 1999. "Traveling the globe, we’ve seen thousands of bands and artists. We have a calling to give these musicians the same opportunity Newsboys were given" says Furler. The heart of inpop is to discover the best artists around the world that understand the grace of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and also have something new and unique to offer to the world of Christian music.

inpop Records: Peter Furler ...
Peter Furler.
As was the case with Inpop's first signing Beanbag. inpop released Beanbag's debut album "Free Signal" in October 1999 and was immediately honored with 2 Dove Award nominations and an opening slot on Newsboys’ "LoveLibertyDisco tour".

The follow-up inpop release was also turning heads. Newsboy Phil Joel recorded what many believed was a stand out album for 2000. The album released June 27, 2000 with intense anticipation.

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"inpop Records Founder Returns To Helm - Dale Bray Named President of Label" (December 2005 press release) ...

current artist roster:

NEWWORLDSON (CANADA) [ New artist 2006/2007 ]
Armed with inspirational lyrics and a fresh new sound, NEWWORLDSON are rescuing soul music from being a mere genre or label and returning the art form to its sacred roots. Singer Joel Parisien says "there's a lack of community in people's lives today. If you trace back the roots of 'roots' music, of 'soul' music, of 'folk' music, it's about folks; it's social music. We hope our fans become our friends. We hope they leave our shows feeling inspired. Our community is about uplifting people."—Four sons of the New World and their story has just begun—at least as inpop Records' newest signing... ;-) [compiled by David Decker]
ARTICLE ONE (Canada) [ New artist 2006/2007 ]
Easily one of Canada's most talented up-and-coming rock bands, Ontario-based Article One combines violin, keys, and three-part vocal harmonies to create a reminiscent yet inventive sound. Article One began playing locally in 2003, released their first EP and toured with The Elms in 2004. Shortly thereafter, the band released its first full-length (self-titled) CD. The group walked away with the winning title at "Kingdom Bound's International Talent Search." Article One was most recently nominated for New Artist of the Year at Gospel Music Association Canada's Covenant Music Awards. [compiled by David Decker]
Article One
Everyday Sunday
EVERYDAY SUNDAY (USA) [ New artist 2006/2007 ]
Ohio-based modern rock band Everyday Sunday Attracting a national audience with its 2001 independent Christian Hit Radio single, "Just A Story," Everyday Sunday joined Flicker Records' roster in 2002. The band released two successful projects with Flicker, Stand Up and Anthems For The Imperfect, while raking in numerous accolades, including being named among CCM Magazine's "Favorite New Artists of 2003," as well as "Best New Artist of the Year" by TVU Music Television. Also in 2003, Everyday Sunday made an impact as one of the Top 10 "Major Impact Artists" for CHR, and its single "Hanging On," from Stand Up, was the No. 6 most played CHR song of the year. [compiled by David Decker]
When modern rock trio Casting Pearls formed in Nebraska, it subscribed to a philosophy all its own. Instead of trying to force its way down unnatural avenues and peddle demos to major labels like most bands, the members of Casting Pearls just let it happen naturally. Time allowed Casting Pearls to hone its work ethic, sharpen its musical skills and create some of the most hook-heavy songs to hit the radar as of late. Now, emerging as a seasoned veteran of the music scene, Casting Pearls brought its label debut via inpop Records on August 16th 2005.
Casting Pearls
Foolish Things
Foolish Things, the Denver, CO based pop/rock outfit that moved over 10,000 independent records before signing with Inpop Records, releases its highly anticipated debut Let's Not Forget The Story with the help of producer Jason Houser (Matthew West) in June. Foolish Things has found favor with Christian and secular audiences alike with hooky rock songs and soaring melodies. It's no secret this band is passionate about its faith, and the members' beliefs are presented with a rare honesty through smart lyrics that earn the listener's respect.
Jimmy Needham, a college student at Texas A&M, has made a name for himself on the independent circuit for the last two years with his soulful pop sound and passionate evangelical focus. Reminiscent of Jason Mraz and Marc Broussard, Needham combines his strong, accomplished vocals with a bluesy acoustic guitar and meaningful song lyrics for a sound all his own. His forthcoming Inpop Records debut, Speak, showcases Needham's singer/songwriter style while exposing the rock, pop and jazz-influenced side of his art as well. While the music is driving and upbeat, Speak delivers thought-provoking content that explores the redemptive nature of Christ and the freedom found in following Him.
Jimmy Needham
Mat Kearney
In a music world longing for a new voice, Mat Kearney represents the singer-songwriter for the 21st century music lover. While keeping an acoustic base, Kearney incorporates a wide range of influences that color his songs with unique textures. At the same time, Kearney captures the lyrics that stir the deepest universal emotions. On his forthcoming Aware/Columbia/Inpop album, this Oregon-raised artist delivers style without sacrificing substance. The album features hip-hop beats, pop choruses, acoustic folk and spoken verses all moving effortlessly together.
NEWSBOYS (Autralia/New Zealand/USA)
After a hugely successful foray into the genre of worship music, newsboys return to their rock roots with Go, the highly-anticipated new album releasing October 31. It’s been nearly five years since the band has released a rock record, and fans are primed and ready for more of the band’s original high-energy pop-rock sounds. Featuring the hit single “ I Am Free” and with new songs like the first single “Wherever We Go” and “Something Beautiful”, Go is certain to be a worldwide smash. Also available for a limited time is a special collector’s edition of Go which includes 3 exclusive tracks plus a DVD featuring over an hour of behind the scenes video footage.
Paul Colman
Let It Go, the fourth international solo release from former Paul Colman Trio (PC3) frontman Paul Colman, represents the artist's deepest expression of faith yet. It's a statement of profound surrender to God's leading and a celebration of reliance on His provision. After touring widely in the United States, Europe and Australia last year, Let It Go is Colman's first solo effort in seven years. The charismatic performer created Let It Go after experiencing an extraordinary year of soul searching. "This record is about letting go of the siren of fame and coming home to what really counts. For me, that's family. I had to let everything, including the music, come from that," the husband and father of two daughters explains.
The term “legend” can be used in an array of circumstances, tagged to the world’s most notable places or associated with an illustrious list of people. When it comes to the history of Christian rock and roll, perhaps no band is more synonymous with the word than Petra. The band is one of the genre’s seminal starters, and it has left an indelible impact across multiple generations.—In 2005 they celebrated their 33th anniversary! With inpop they released their last three albums and two DVDs to date.
www.petraband.com / 2 / 3
Sarah Brendel
www.sarahbrendel.com / 2
Though Sarah Brendel is only twenty-something, her lengthy record of accolades proves this singer/songwriter a veteran with blockbuster success in her native land. The German born-and-bred performer has achieved the unprecedented for the country, approaching her art form from a decidedly Christian perspective yet still rising to prominence in a competitive secular scene. Since 2002, she's landed a consistent string of singles, scored the song "Take My Heart" for the cinematic thriller The Poet and was the celebrated vocalist behind a national TV spot campaign on RTL (the biggest TV station in the German media scene).
Shane Everett and Shane Barnard formed the duo, Shane & Shane, after meeting at Central Baptist Church in Killeen, Texas in the late 90’s. In December, 2001, Shane & Shane signed with Inpop Records. Since then, the acoustic-guitar wielding pair has become a college-circuit favorite with five label releases to its credit and countless hours logged on the road. Shane & Shane’s latest release, taped in front of a live audience at Space Way Studios in Duncanville, Texas, exhibits why this acclaimed duo has become one of the most in-demand acts on college campuses across the nation. The CD/DVD combo, An Evening With Shane & Shane, features fan favorites “Psalm 145,” “The Answer,” “Fringes” and the new dynamic hit “Arise.” In addition to the live performance, the DVD includes instructional guitar lessons and behind the scenes footage with Shane & Shane.
Shane & Shane
Through movie soundtracks, commercials, television shows and soldout concerts, Superchick has caught the attention of pop-rock-punk fans everywhere. Now, Superchick is poised to reach an even greater listening audience with the mainstream release of Beauty From Pain 1.1 on Inpop/Columbia Records. Featuring all the hit songs from the band’s latest top-selling album, Beauty From Pain, the re-release also breathes fresh life to the disc with remixed versions of the smash radio singles “We Live”, “Anthem” and “One Girl Revolution” in addition to the all-new standout track, “Stand In the Rain.”
TREE63 (South Africa)
From the band that brought you Billboard Magazine's No. 1 Song of 2004, "Blessed Be Your Name," comes a new worship CD, Worship Volume One: I Stand For You. South Africa's Tree63 once again offers its unique, international blend of modern pop rock on I Stand For You. The highly anticipated follow up to Tree63's 2004 The Answer To The Question is crafted with a core of new worship songs and features several originals from award-winning songwriters Matt Redman and Tim Hughes. Also included on the disc are brand new live versions of Tree63 fan favorites. Last year, Tree63 rose to prominence when its version of Matt and Beth Redman's song "Blessed Be Your Name" which took the award for Billboard's most played Christian radio song, becoming a staple in the worship community.

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